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Friday, 22 June 2007

manusamoablog. one-on-one with Junior Pelesasa yesterday had one-on-one with Australia A, Samoa center Junior Palesasa. We met up with Junior while he is in Fiji with his Australia A team to play against the might of the Flying Fijians. believes that he is a great player and probably the first Samoan to be in the Wallabies. says;

G-day Junior, welcome to Fiji. What happen to you guys last weeks against Junior All Blacks (JABS)?

JP say;

Hello mate well I am so impressed that there are lot Samoans here….I saw you today wearing your Manu Samoa outfit and I knew it from there, probably heaps are here….Anyways thanks for coming Bro……Last week was not good aye…I don’t know what happen to the boys…just not our day says;

I bet it must be the weather down at Christchurch that affected you guys?

JP say;

Exactly, I believe that’s the reason why our boys didn’t perform, they don’t like the weather down there….we missed a lot of tackles and our set pieces we awesome. Well that’s rugby aye…missed tackles then you will be punished. says;

What do you think of the Wallabies last Week against South Africa?

JP say;

I think they play well aye mate…great game last week…just those drop goals that kill the game….But overall Wallabies had a great game…probably the best performance so far. says;

True it was those two drop goals that make the difference. I believe Wallabies should win that game.

What do you think of the game tomorrow with Flying Fijians?

JP say;

Fijian team is good. They have some really fast players out there and the return of the overseas players will make them a stronger team then the one’s who played against Wallabies. Also Fiji are very physical players and the Fijians will come with everything. says;

That’s all from me here because I know you guys are having dinner now. Will see you guys tomorrow and All the best with game!

JP say;

Thanks for coming aye Bro…will see you tomorrow at the Park…Here are the tickets for you and your Mrs., so you can come watch tomorrow…..

Cheers, FA.

That’s all from us here and it was great to have a chat with this guy. He is one great player. Will update this with pictures from the game today.

Australia A vs. Fiji today at 3.00pm at Fiji National Stadium

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