Manu Samoa


Monday, 18 June 2007

Rotational of players is the best policy for future of Rugby

The Manu Samoa Coaching panel have been using most of its same front rowers over and over again. I believe that our Manu Samoa can adopt the rotational of players that the All Blacks had been using all this time. We have seena great improvements from the All Blacks and it really provides competition for the boys.

I know the feeling of being a substitute in all the games. The only thing will happen is discouraging the players.

As for the case of our Manu Samoa, players like Donald Kerslake and most of the local boys should be involved in most of the game or being first choice players.

We have witness in the begining how we have a lot of locals in the game against Fiji, then came the Juniors All Blacks then we opt for our overseas players.

It was obvious in our midfield when Seilala Mapusua was team up with Anitelea Tuilagi. If I was the coach I will use Brian Lima to pair up with Andy while let Maposua to join in the second half.

However, I strongly believe that the best policy for the future of Samoan rugby is rotating of players.

We need to rotate our players so others can perform and have a recovery. Like what we always say in our Samoan language, "...pule a Siafune i le la o lona Vaa..." Lets hope for the best from our team. I know our team is one of the best ever Manu Samoa available so far. We need to make sure we know how to run this quality players available for us.

May our team performs well and may the best team wins between Samoa and Tonga